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michey desu desu desu

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Name:that pink firewall moeblob

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(◕‿◕), /a/, /b/, aniki desu, animating, animu & mango, being "special", being a genki girl, being badass, being eccentric, being liked, being moe, being naive, being on a boat, being silly, belial roundhouse kicks chuck norris, bifauxnen, books, breaking people's brains, bro bro bro let's watch rudolph bro, brofists, buttsecks is serious business, capslock, catchphrases, cheesy romance novels, chick flics, clannad, cliches, comics, convincing people i'm a time-traveller, cooking and baking, creaming oranges, cute stuff, datesims, delicious triss chest, dessertshipping, dildos vs dingos, discosticks, doodling in class, doujinshi, downloading illegally, drawing, dropping the soap around nick, eroge, exaggerated childhood trauma, fob fashion, gay guys and lesbians, gay guys in denial, gaygaygay, geeky nostalgia, generic interests, genericshipping, gingers, good grammar, good spelling, growing up online, guilty pleasures, having no life, iantivirus, ice cream, instant messaging, kink meme, loli imoutos, lolis, lolis that stuff their bras, love, lulz, lying cake, megane, meido, misha topping static, misha turning girls gay, moe moe kyuuuuun, moeblobs, multiple personalities, nick in a miniskirt, nick in hadaka apron, nickwaifu, not being a douchebag, obscure fandoms, original characters, overthinking things, overused internet memes, people who die when killed, photoshop, pink, poe's fear of yetis, poe/mischa/rino, pop songs, porn, procrastinating, rainbow colors, rape is like "hello" in japan, reading, really good movies, reverse harems, roleplaying, romantic comedy, rule 34, sarcasm, sex, sexually suggestive pseudonyms, sitcoms, skipping school, sleep deprivation, smiling, static/misha, staying up insanely late, summer, tegaki-e, the internets, the power of friendship!!, things i cannot do in firewall, thinking i'm witty, toradora, touhou, traps, tsunderes, tvtropes, umineko, unhealthy obsessions, upfucking, utsuge, visual novels, waifus, watercolour painting, webcomics, writing, you just got rook rolled, yummy things,
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